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Are You Ready To Drink Pea Milk?

Remember when everyone drank milk from cows? Now, the only people who drink animal protein are, like, your parents.

Today people aren’t drinking as much cow's milk, whether it's because they have difficulty digesting lactose, they want a healthier alternatives with less fat or, perhaps, a product not associated with a beating heart. As the U.S. market continues to shift towards alternative milks — almond, hemp, coconut, soy and rice — and our meals transition to healthier plant-based diets, the tradeoff is that we risk losing key sources daily protein.

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Tovala: The Easy Bake Oven for Adults

You might use your oven as a semi-convenient form of storage. Or, you might not use it at all. David Rabie and his team of eight (including two chefs) have created a fancy — but cheap — oven that does four things in one, all from your countertop. The Tovala oven bakes, broils, steams and heats, via convection. It’s Wi-Fi enabled, controlled by an app on your phone and comes with an option for a meal kit service.

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MOFAD: New York's First Museum of Food & Drink

Brooklyn's food scene is unstoppable. First Smorgasburg, a hit food festival in the area's trendiest neighborhoods, and now New York’s first museum devoted to food.

The Museum of Food and Drink, or MOFAD, will open the doors to its first exhibit on Tuesday. Mashable got a sneak peek at Flavor: Making It and Faking it.

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How Mushrooms Can Erase Bitterness From Coffee

Coffee or arugula without a hint of bitterness — it may sound improbable, but sugar has found a new rival in mushrooms.

With several patents issued, MycoTechnology, a Denver startup, is using proprietary strains of mushrooms to remove the bitterness from foods and improve the flavor of all manner of products, from coffee to tea to chocolate.

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