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For Passover, These Orthodox Jews Are Cooking On Live TV

For Rabbi Chaim Lazaroff of Houston, Texas, the kitchen is his happy place. That's why, when he was asked to share a few Passover recipes on FOX 26 Houston, his local news station, he jumped at the opportunity. "If I could, I would cook all day," says the rabbi, who is also the co-director of Chabad of Uptown, a community center for Jewish people.

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A Lesson In The Passover Pancake

Differences of opinion are fundamental to Judaism: we can’t even agree on the spellings of key words. (Is it matzo, matzoh, or matzah?) At the Passover seder it’s no surprise that, except for the seder plate, there are 1,001 differences in the way Jews celebrate the holiday. Some eat brisket, some eat chicken, some eat both. The waters are divided over whether the matzo balls should be fluffy or dense (mine=fluffy). Kugel can be sweet or savory.

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