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Modbar: The New, Covert Way to Deliver Espresso

Like the drummer in a band, Corey Waldron—an ex-barista from Fort Wayne, Indiana—was tired of hiding behind a hulking metal instrument. So, he set out to create a new type of espresso machine, one that is hidden from view. Modbar, short for modular brewing systems, is a set of three individual chrome "taps" (think of a bar with beer taps) that sprout up from a counter and dispense espresso, steamed milk and pour-over coffee. What’s new is that the once manual barista job now pairs with slick electronic components under the counter that can be endlessly programmed to control details like pressure, temperature, cleaning and more.

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Fermentation Is Refining the Flavor of Coffee

Inspired by the popular, pricey and controversial coffee known as kopi luwak—coffee beans plucked from animal dung—Camille Delebecque has co-launched a company focused on enhancing the flavor of coffee beans using natural fermentation techniques in the lab. Last Wednesday, Afineur launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to produce "cultured coffee," and hit its target goal in just six hours.

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