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Honey Talk at the Highline

“Dude, I have a bee hive!!” This was how Chase Emmons, Apiary Director at Brooklyn Grange, received his first brush with beekeeping. A friend in Vermont was the one exclaiming, “Dude,” and Emmons didn’t take more than a second to think about whether or not he should hop in his car and drive from Western Massachusetts to another state. He drove. A few more brushes with kismet and Emmons met the folks at Brooklyn Grange. Now a partner at the Grange, Emmons has spurred on the Brooklyn Grange Bees (BGB’s) growth. They now have hives on rooftops in Long Island City, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Harlem. Hopefully those bees in Harlem are baseball fans, because they can see right into Yankee Stadium.

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