Taste Talks, Nordic Fest, NYC Honey Week & More

Sticky goodness at the Highline Honey Festival

Sticky goodness at the Highline Honey Festival

I feel like there's a moment when we're in our thirties when time begins to move faster––exactly when that theory ends is yet to be seen. I'm still in it. It would be nice if there were some scientifically proven fact to show that it wasn't just something I'm making up, but alas, I believe it's a sign that I am getting older. Hold the pity.

What's my point? Well, August is here, which means September is only a few weeks away. The good news is there are some fabulous food forward events to check out. I'll attend as many of them as I can.

9/6: Pig Island: Well, here's an anomaly. An event that lasts for one day. Thanks guys. This takes place in Red Hook, and you can probably imagine what will be there. Barbecue, pork, beer, music, and more. Maybe some key lime pies? I hope so.

9/8-9/12: NYC Honey Week: A week-long citywide festival celebrating the honeybee. The events are sponsored by Brooklyn Grange, a rooftop farming group that sells produce to chefs, markets, along with an education program just beginning to get off the ground. A portion of the proceeds from select events will be donated to City Growers' Honeybee Education Program for NYC youth.

9/12-9/14: Taste Talks, Brooklyn: I attended two Taste Talks programs last year, one on the status of coffee for home brewing and one about the rise of new independent food publications. The panels were excellent. Expect the same kind of high caliber programming, along with the chance to rub elbows with dozens of chefs and food-related folks. This year the lineup has dozens of great panels, dinners and more.

9/12-9/19: Nordic Festival: Back for it's second year, The North Festival offers numerous cooking classes, which will set you back $150 for a three-hour lesson. There are dinners with chefs that may tempt you. On the more affordable horizon, there's a Hot Dog Championship--a Nordic sausage off if you will, to be judged by legit judges along with you, the public. The Nordic Street Festival will be held at Brooklyn Brewery and sounds like a Smorgasburg type event, with food tickets and beer tokens sold on site. There are even some invite only events. Hm, I wonder how I get invited to those?