Kickstarter: Nomiku Sous Vide

Nomiku sous vide machine. Photo Nomiku

Nomiku sous vide machine. Photo Nomiku

In under 12 hours in its first day, Nomiku successfully raised more than $200,000 on Kickstarter to fund its next-generation sous vide machine. The San Francisco–based hardware startup galvanized fans already obsessed with the previous model, a compact gadget that took the art of cooking in temperature-controlled water out of high-end restaurants and into the home. This new Nomiku is going to be twice as powerful, made in the US, and Wi-Fi-connected to allow you to cook a meal at home While You Are At The Office. (We really don’t want you to miss that point.)

While the project is fully funded with 28 days to go, there are still some pledges left for early backers to score the device for $149, a sliver of the cost of restaurant–grade water baths, which can go for thousands of dollars. Delivery is estimated for the spring. Until then, you can study up on all its cool uses. Though famous for cooking eggs and plastic baggies of meat and fish to perfect temperature, sous vide immersion circulators have a range of surprising uses.

Here are 5 hacks* you can try in your own kitchen with the Nomiku sous vide.

*Originally published on Food & Wine magazine's website.