Food Book Fair


I've been trying to come up with a better word for myself then foodie, but so far it has proved illusive. The Food Book Fairis a three-day event that brings together people just like me, other like-minded individuals who hate referring to themselves by that F-word. The Food Book Fair, hosted at the Wythe Hotel, kicks off with a launch party on Thursday for Diner's Journal at Achilles Heel.

The fair was started three years ago by Elizabeth Thacker Jones, cook, writer, cyclist and more. I met Elizabeth at a Toklas Society event in the East Village this week and she told me her inspiration for the festival was the desire to bring together food systems, food writers and all of the people who intersected with those fields. Jones is almost finished with her Masters in Food Studies at NYU, but when I look at the programming for the festival I'd say she's far beyond her education.

I'll be attending the Entrepreneur Clinic on Friday which culminates in a food pitch competition where ten inventors will vie for a $500 cash prize. Saturday is the gigantic Foodieodicals, where 20 of the best new (and not so new) journals will be on hand to chat, and Sunday is the first New York screening of "Fed Up," a new documentary by Laurie David, the producer of "An Inconvenient Truth." After that I'm going to have a beer or two at the Brew Pub, an installation by Portland artist Eric Steen who explores home brewing as a form of social activism. I hope his art comes in a nice double IPA.

See the full schedule here.