The History of Donuts


These doughnuts are vegan, and they're from Babycakes.

After the queue-worthy cronut launch by Dominique Ansel (which I wrote about here), it was only a matter of time before some smart little foodie decided to research the history of donuts––or doughnut shops, in Manhattan and Brooklyn. The new exhibit, opening this Saturday at City Reliquary in Williamsburg, is called: Keep Your Eye Upon the Donut. It will feature nine shops, all of which are still selling their wares today, as well as quaint ephemera from the beginning of donut time––1673 to be exact.

The exhibit was organized by Julie Thomson, who writes a blog called DonutGrrl. A grrl after my own heart.

Note: Of the nine shops I have been only been to four, a doughnut tragedy if ever there was one. Also, Babycakes is not featured in the exhibit, which I think is a darn shame.