To-Do: Mushroom Foraging.


A lobster mushroom isn't actually a mushroom, it's a parasitic fungus. Eeeew. Photo by

Flickr/Gabriel Amadeus


This past September I completed my first cycle tour, seven days along the Oregon coast. While out riding I spent much of my time looking left and right. I saw the trees, the ocean, the mountains, RVs, cars, an occasional banana peel, a sneaker and more. One day I spied lobster mushrooms growing in the forest. Their bright orange hue caught my eye, but there was no stopping to forage while I was wearing cleats. For the rest of the trip I searched for mushrooms on every menu, of every restaurant to fill the gap of not getting those lobster mushrooms. I've actually never tried my hand at foraging but I think I would like it, a combination of hiking and following an invisible treasure map. I'm adding it to my to-do list right now. 


In the meantime, Langdon Cook, expert forager and outdoorsman, is celebrating the release of his new book, The Mushroom Hunters, tonight, at Fitzcarraldo restaurant in East Williamsburg/Bushwick with Slow Food NYC. He'll be talking, sharing slides and signing books. You should go, it's free.